Beyond 400 – join the conversation

Starting tomorroBeyond400w the Beyond 400 website will carry a wide range of thoughts and ideas about the future of Baptist life in Britain (primarily focused on BUGB).

Initially 40 people have agreed to participate by writing a short piece, or creating a video, that will stimulate conversation about re-imagining Baptist life for the future.  The aim is for others to join in the conversation so that the full breadth of voices can be heard.

This is a great project. Whilst a number of baptist bloggers are involved in it (including me) the purpose is not for us to have another platform but to create an open space for people involved in the BUGB to share insights, creative ideas and more.

Please take a look at the website and spread the word

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  1. Thanks for the bit in parentheses…. appreciated!

    Am curious to discover who these forty are, where abouts they are located geographically, theologically etc… i.e. how representative they are able to be. I’m looking forward to finding out.


  2. Hi Catriona, a lot of work has gone into trying to get the 40 to be representative of the breath of the Union. This is not as easy as it sounds because not everyone wants to accept an invitation. However, the list of those so far signed up is about 50:50 male / female; includes people currently living in England, Scotland and Wales (although it is biased towards England we have tried to get a good spread around the whole of England); a mix of ages from early 20’s upwards; a mix of people involved in theological education, roles in Association or Union, serving ministers and others. Whilst not everyone is ordained they make up the majority.

    After the first 40 there will be lots of opportunities for others to write; our hope is that the first 40 just get the project going, not that they are the only voices.


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