Unexpected learning

We’ve been back from South America for a couple of weeks now and as I settle into my new role I’ve been reflecting on things I hadn’t expected to learn during my time in Peru. Language and culture I knew that I needed to learn more Spanish but hadn’t really grasped how much of this... Continue Reading →

Valuing short term mission

A small team is accompanying me to Iquitos later in the year so I’ve been doing some thinking and preparation. One recurring question concerns the value of short term mission trips. Not just my Peru trips but more generally; as a church we have a steady stream of people going on a variety of short... Continue Reading →

Baptist Assembly 2016

The 06:30 train from Macclesfield on a cold Saturday morning is not normally something to celebrate but it was the first leg of a great day attending the Baptist Assembly. This year held in Oxford. The day packed a lot into a short timeframe and was a significant improvement on last year. The morning started... Continue Reading →

Mission musings

The weeks before Easter saw me back in Iquitos, Peru. As usual the bulk of my time was spent teaching in Iquitos and at a training centre for church leaders in Nauta (100kms from Iquitos). Iquitos has an impact on me each time I go, not least because it poses all sorts of questions to... Continue Reading →

Wanted: men in church

Two things have me thinking about the place of men in church. The first is a visit from Carl Beech of CVM who led an awayday for the church here on Saturday. The second was an article by Steve Legg in Engage, the BMS:worldmission magazine lamenting the lack of men in the UK church; an... Continue Reading →

2012 The making of a modern denomination

BUGB Council meets again next week; the curious combination institutional process, denominational politics and corporate perspicacity. One item on the agenda is finance and its implications for the future structure of the Union. I’ve lost count of the number of hours I’ve sat in meetings when we have talked about this over the last couple... Continue Reading →

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