Larger Churches leaders gathering

It was great to attend this earlier in the week, an annual gathering facilitated by BUGB for team leaders from the Union’s ‘larger’ churches. It’s encouraging to spend time with people who do a similar role to me, who face similar challenges and struggles, without feeling the need to apologise. [It is a strange quirk... Continue Reading →

A bank which wants to say yes

I had an idea the other day whilst thinking about Baptist life (though it could be applied more widely). Why not start a ‘bank’ whose purpose was to loan money to projects which might not pay back but which need money to get something started. OK ‘bank’ may be the wrong word, but words like... Continue Reading →

The Regional Minister bus

There are more interesting things to blog about than Baptist Associations appointing Regional Ministers but I can’t help but notice the large number of appointments being made at the moment. I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in one here in the North West myself, so I know that many of these folk are gifted... Continue Reading →

Lynn Green’s induction

It was a privilege to attend Lynn's induction as the BUGB's new General Secretary yesterday afternoon at Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church. Following a resume of the story leading up to Lynn's appointment, told by Jenny Royal (moderator of the trustee board and of the search group) and Lynn, the formal part of the induction was... Continue Reading →

New Baptist General Secretary

Today is the first day for the BUGB’s new General Secretary Lynn Green. Lynn is someone of great ability and I’m confident she will make a good impression in an often impossible role. Her experience of Union life, being a Regional Minister, as Senior Minister of Wokingham Baptist church and before that working for the... Continue Reading →

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