New Baptist General Secretary

Today is the first day for the BUGB’s new General Secretary
Lynn Green.

Lynn is someone
of great ability and I’m confident she will make a good impression in an often
impossible role. Her experience of Union life, being a Regional Minister, as Senior
Minister of Wokingham Baptist church and before that working for the Post
Office will all be useful background.

She faces a number of challenges, developing relationships
with the staff team, mastering a range of complex issues, enabling and
developing the new Union leadership teams will be quite a learning curve in

Nevertheless, the real challenges don’t lie in mastering the
relational and organisational nuances of Union life and structure but in encouraging
the wider constituency of Baptists; in enabling a fresh sense of purpose and
vision to emerge and then pioneering the strategy to move this forward.  The Union will need to
be a different entity in ten years time and Lynn’s
tenure as GS will be a significant factor in this development.

I wish her well.

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