Not at Baptist Union Council

Normally I blog about my experiences of BUGB Council which starts today. However, I'm not there this time as I'm teaching in Iquitos; working alongside the Baptist Churches of the Peruvian Baptist Convention here who BMS world mission partner with. I will blog about both when I get the chance. However, internet here is to... Continue Reading →

BUGB Futures: more debate

Phil posted a comment on my previous blog (here) that warrants a proper response. At issue is how we understand the decisions made last week by BUGB Council, so if you find the whole debate a turn off look away now. Phil says I fail to understand what the changes are about, that it is not... Continue Reading →

BUGB Council – potential?

Council was a difficult affair. This ought not to be a surprise given the outcome means some people will loose their jobs; no one should delight in pain. It was also difficult to see where the future might be and where agreement lay.After some disquiet and soul searching Council agreed to the main elements of... Continue Reading →

Futures, Council and #BUGB

Off to BUGB Council again tomorrow; an extra one to progress the conversation about the Futures process. Many people, several of them friends, have invested a lot of work in this yet I go with a heavy heart because I don’t think we have identified the vision and strategy needed.  -    I don’t see Association... Continue Reading →

BUGB Council – humility is undervalued

BUGB Council meets again. 400 years after the first Baptist church in England we are starkly reminded that our faith should not be placed in institutions, our treasure should not be in investments and our confidence should not be in numbers. As we recall Jesus walking purposefully to Jerusalem we are reminded that he invited... Continue Reading →

BUGB Council – character or decision

So Council draws to a close till later in the year. It has been dominated by questions of pensions, which are going to be a significant issue over the next few months. But for me the highlight has been a presentation by the Younger Leaders Forum; a Baptist 18-30 group who grapple with issues relating... Continue Reading →

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