BUGB Council – character or decision

So Council draws to a close till later in the year.

It has been dominated by questions of pensions, which are going to be a significant issue over the next few months. But for me the highlight has been a presentation by the Younger Leaders Forum; a Baptist 18-30 group who grapple with issues relating to gospel, church, culture and discipleship for young adults. Their presentation included some ideas for network building between young adults across our churches, removing the sense of isolation some feel and nurturing a discipleship that encourages them to make a difference.

I also leave with a question. What is the relationship between character and decision? Much of Council’s time is spend talking, commenting and making decisions. But what really matters is not the decisions but our character as a Union. Virtuous people will make Godly decisions. If we could help Council to reflect on character that would help us make better decisions. Perhaps it would move us from a focus on reporting and responding to one of envisioning and enabling

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