Lead a movement; what’s that mean?

Earlier this month I blogged that one of my New Year dreams was to lead a movement not an organisation. Recently I’ve heard plenty of talk about the need for a ‘Baptist movement’ which poses the question what do I/we mean by movement, particularly when used in distinction to organisation or institution? A movement is... Continue Reading →

BUGB the dreamliner denomination?

I’ve always been fascinated by aviation so have been interested in the progress of Boeing’s new 787 dreamliner aircraft. Maybe it has lessons for us:  1. It is designed to be cheaper to run. Boeing recognised that as costs rise they needed to design an aircraft which would be 20% cheaper to run than existing... Continue Reading →

Baptist Association life: from OK to great

As the Union is streamlined more responsibility moves to the Associations. However, the resources the Associations have to deliver this are also constrained most currently run deficits. So how can they respond to the challenge? How might we manage Association life in the future? Mind the gap. Sometimes there appears to be a gap between... Continue Reading →

Baptist futures: finance, uncertainty and potential

We’re creating new structures, causing a lot of pain by making people redundant and are conveying a renewed sense of purpose. But before we get too comfortable let’s recognise financial uncertainty will be a dominant characteristic for years to come. 1. Historically income has risen at, or slightly below the rate of inflation. Costs, particularly... Continue Reading →

Baptist Assembly

The annual gathering of Baptists (well the BUGB part) starts today in Blackpool. Getting the tone right will be more of a challenge than usual. The last few months we have seen the painful process of redundancy for some BUGB staff and the start of changes resulting from the Futures process; including the replacement of... Continue Reading →

Are baptists ready for change?

Next weekend’s (BUGB) Baptist Assembly 2013 is an important moment, not least because a new General Secretary is appointed. Whoever it is takes on a challenge. Can they gain the trust and support of the people who work in Baptist House, forge a great team ethic with the Association team leaders and yet be a... Continue Reading →

Challenges of church culture

Reading a little about business cultures recently makes me suspect that paying more attention to culture might help us understand what is going on in church life.Churches vary in size, but each size transition marks a change in culture. Smaller churches, where everyone knows each other gradually grow into churches centred around the pastoral skills... Continue Reading →

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