Exit stage left

As BUGB changes take effect, I've joined the ranks of those whose involvement in its committee life has ended. I’ve been a member of BU Council for nine years, was part of the General Purposes and Finance Executive and have had the pleasure of moderating the Finance Committee for the last six. But no more.... Continue Reading →


Recent blogging has been focused on Baptist Futures but church life this term has been notable for a significant increase in spiritual phenomena. As I reflect on spiritual gifts in church life it seems there are 6 things worth remembering. 1. Manifestations of Spirit come through people: Attempting to separate out Spirit activity and human... Continue Reading →

BUGB Futures: more debate

Phil posted a comment on my previous blog (here) that warrants a proper response. At issue is how we understand the decisions made last week by BUGB Council, so if you find the whole debate a turn off look away now. Phil says I fail to understand what the changes are about, that it is not... Continue Reading →

Baptist Futures: reasons for optimism

The institutional elements of Baptist life are under scrutiny as evidenced by blogs covering this week’s BUGB Council. Yet alongside some of the difficult stuff I want to point to some reasons for optimism.1. The large number of people who are disappointed there wasn’t something more positive and pioneering means there are large numbers of... Continue Reading →

BUGB Council – potential?

Council was a difficult affair. This ought not to be a surprise given the outcome means some people will loose their jobs; no one should delight in pain. It was also difficult to see where the future might be and where agreement lay.After some disquiet and soul searching Council agreed to the main elements of... Continue Reading →

Futures, Council and #BUGB

Off to BUGB Council again tomorrow; an extra one to progress the conversation about the Futures process. Many people, several of them friends, have invested a lot of work in this yet I go with a heavy heart because I don’t think we have identified the vision and strategy needed.  -    I don’t see Association... Continue Reading →

BUGB is the future going flat?

In preparation for the next BUGB Council I’ve revisited the published Futures booklet (download). I know several people who have slogged their guts out on this process over recent months (and many more whose livelihoods depend on the outcomes) which makes me hesitate to critique it, but this is not the moment for timidity.Loads of... Continue Reading →

Futures, culture and #Bugb

The BUGB debate about its future moves onward, Council meets again in two weeks to make some decisions about the way forward. I’ll do another blog post about some of the proposals but I remain concerned we haven’t grasped the scale of the challenge we face and the culture change needed to move forward.Whatever structures... Continue Reading →

Beyond 400 book

I've been involved for the last few months with the Beyond400 website, giving an opportunity for a spread of British Baptists to imagine what the future might look like. The web posts plus some of the comments have now been published as a book. Click here to buy a copy. Not only does the book give... Continue Reading →

Baptist Assembly responses

Following my blog on Monday about Baptist Assembly I’ve now read a number of other blogs; so to add to the conversation here is my take on some of the issues raised (the issues surround the Futures process BMS/BUGB I will return to in a future post).1. Quality of the Bookshop should be easy to... Continue Reading →

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