Who fancies swapping with Nick?

The problem with commenting on politics is that it moves too fast but this weekend is a fascinating one for UK politics as we wait to see what Nick Clegg will do.   The options are clear enough but the realities behind them are fraught with difficulty. Nevertheless the real question is how do the... Continue Reading →

General Election – Questions

I don't get to decide the questions for the last leaders debate but these are the questions I would like to put: Given your reluctance to state how you would make the necessary reductions to the budget deficit can you explain: i) How you would ensure that the least well off are protected and that... Continue Reading →

General Election Thoughts 2

After last weeks thoughts on what I would do if I were David Cameron here are some on what would I be doing if I were Nick Clegg.   My last post was written (but not posted because of the hustings meeting I chaired) before the first leaders debate which has kick started a surge... Continue Reading →

General Election – Hustings Meeting

Last night we held a hustings meeting for the general election which I chaired; over 200 people came to hear what the five candidates had to say. The format for the evening included each candidate having a couple of minutes to make a personal statement, three questions put to the candidates based on people filling... Continue Reading →

General Election Thoughts

I enjoy elections so the current UK general election fight has got me wondering, after the TV debates, what would I be doing or thinking if I were David Cameron?   1. Inspiration. Cameron has got to sell a vision of a future government that inspires people. He has to find a way of communicating his... Continue Reading →

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