Lynn Green’s induction

It was a privilege to attend Lynn's induction as the BUGB's new General Secretary yesterday afternoon at Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church. Following a resume of the story leading up to Lynn's appointment, told by Jenny Royal (moderator of the trustee board and of the search group) and Lynn, the formal part of the induction was... Continue Reading →

New Baptist General Secretary

Today is the first day for the BUGB’s new General Secretary Lynn Green. Lynn is someone of great ability and I’m confident she will make a good impression in an often impossible role. Her experience of Union life, being a Regional Minister, as Senior Minister of Wokingham Baptist church and before that working for the... Continue Reading →

Baptist Assembly – brief report

Assembly is now over for another year. It will be remembered as the Assembly where the Union appointed its first ever female General Secretary; Lynn Green. I’m in the fortunate position of knowing Lynn (our families have been caravanning together). She is gifted, talented and gracious. I'm sure she will grow into an excellent Gen... Continue Reading →

Baptist Assembly

The annual gathering of Baptists (well the BUGB part) starts today in Blackpool. Getting the tone right will be more of a challenge than usual. The last few months we have seen the painful process of redundancy for some BUGB staff and the start of changes resulting from the Futures process; including the replacement of... Continue Reading →

Are baptists ready for change?

Next weekend’s (BUGB) Baptist Assembly 2013 is an important moment, not least because a new General Secretary is appointed. Whoever it is takes on a challenge. Can they gain the trust and support of the people who work in Baptist House, forge a great team ethic with the Association team leaders and yet be a... Continue Reading →

Challenges of church culture

Reading a little about business cultures recently makes me suspect that paying more attention to culture might help us understand what is going on in church life.Churches vary in size, but each size transition marks a change in culture. Smaller churches, where everyone knows each other gradually grow into churches centred around the pastoral skills... Continue Reading →

Exit stage left

As BUGB changes take effect, I've joined the ranks of those whose involvement in its committee life has ended. I’ve been a member of BU Council for nine years, was part of the General Purposes and Finance Executive and have had the pleasure of moderating the Finance Committee for the last six. But no more.... Continue Reading →

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