Baptist Assembly 2014 #bapt14 Report

This weekend has been the Annual Assembly for the BUGB (Baptist Union of Great Britain). A slightly different format this year as it was reduced to a two day event but overall, even without seminars or an exhibition to promote baptistic organisations, it worked well.  Saturday morning saw the opening address by Chris Ellis, this... Continue Reading →

Larger Churches leaders gathering

It was great to attend this earlier in the week, an annual gathering facilitated by BUGB for team leaders from the Union’s ‘larger’ churches. It’s encouraging to spend time with people who do a similar role to me, who face similar challenges and struggles, without feeling the need to apologise. [It is a strange quirk... Continue Reading →

A bank which wants to say yes

I had an idea the other day whilst thinking about Baptist life (though it could be applied more widely). Why not start a ‘bank’ whose purpose was to loan money to projects which might not pay back but which need money to get something started. OK ‘bank’ may be the wrong word, but words like... Continue Reading →

Baptist futures: finance, uncertainty and potential

We’re creating new structures, causing a lot of pain by making people redundant and are conveying a renewed sense of purpose. But before we get too comfortable let’s recognise financial uncertainty will be a dominant characteristic for years to come. 1. Historically income has risen at, or slightly below the rate of inflation. Costs, particularly... Continue Reading →

Are baptists ready for change?

Next weekend’s (BUGB) Baptist Assembly 2013 is an important moment, not least because a new General Secretary is appointed. Whoever it is takes on a challenge. Can they gain the trust and support of the people who work in Baptist House, forge a great team ethic with the Association team leaders and yet be a... Continue Reading →

BUGB futures a quick guide

I’ve been meaning to write more about the Futures process for some weeks. But since Baptist Assembly meets this weekend I wondered if a short summary might be more helpful: What’s the issue? 1. Why are we talking about it? Because we (BUGB and Associations) are spending more money each year than we are getting... Continue Reading →

Distrust larger churches?

As comments to my Home Mission post demonstrate there is some distrust of larger Baptist Churches in the UK.  As someone who was previously a minister of a Home Mission supported small church I have some experience on both sides of this; there is something dispiriting about the suspicion that the life of your congregation... Continue Reading →

BUGB Home Mission 2

In a previous post I promised some thoughts on the way ahead so here goes: Home Mission depends on voluntary contributions from churches. In the last couple of years the Union has changed its appeal to encourage each church to give 5% of income to Home Mission. I’m sure this is the right strategy; it... Continue Reading →

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