BUGB Paul Goodliff steps down

Personally, I'm sad to see news of Paul Goodliff stepping down as the leader of the BUGB's ministries team. Web article here Someone leaving a role suddenly always causes some uncertainty. The Union has been undergoing signficant transformation in the last few years and Paul's commitment to Ministry and ministers has meant he as been... Continue Reading →

Don’t be a twit: social media guidelines

There is an interesting story on the BBC news about one Church of England Diocese producing some Social Media guidelines. The Diocese of Bath and Wells guidelines are here and some similar advice produced by the Methodist Church is here. Most of the guidance is obvious enough: 1. Remember what you post is public so think first.... Continue Reading →

Lessons from ministry: who am I?

My journey through ministry often feels like a life long quest to discover what sort of minister I am. I’ve now been the minister of two churches, one smaller (by UK Baptist standards) and one larger, each with their own set of challenges and demands. In many respects the first was tougher; looking back it... Continue Reading →

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