Lead a movement; what’s that mean?

Earlier this month I blogged that one of my New Year dreams was to lead a movement not an organisation. Recently I’ve heard plenty of talk about the need for a ‘Baptist movement’ which poses the question what do I/we mean by movement, particularly when used in distinction to organisation or institution? A movement is... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year – dreams for 2014

As thoughts turn back to work after the Christmas  / New Year break with a mixture of relief and anticipation I wonder what the year might hold? I don’t do resolutions which are a guilt inducing way of setting myself up to fail, but my three personal dreams for the year ahead are: 1. Speak... Continue Reading →

Summer musings – starting a movement

I’ve largely stopped thinking about the future of BUGB for the moment; right now there is nothing I can constructively do anyway (other than pray). But when the dust has settled how could we encourage a renewed Baptist movement? 1. Movement requires vision: people who can dream and articulate a future that others can affirm.... Continue Reading →

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