Happy New Year – dreams for 2014

As thoughts turn back to work after the Christmas  / New Year break with a mixture of relief and anticipation I wonder what the year might hold? I don’t do resolutions which are a guilt inducing way of setting myself up to fail, but my three personal dreams for the year ahead are:

1. Speak Spanish fluently; or at least learn enough to have conversations with people. I’d love to be able to preach and teach in Spanish but that would need a year of language school, nevertheless to be able to talk with people would be a start.

2. Lead a movement not an organisation. I’m at my best when I’m speaking, training and analysing. I also enjoy planning, organisation and detail. But I’m increasingly dissatisfied with keeping the organisation going, I want to use my energies to help build movements.

3. Spirit filled life. Too often the different parts of my life seem just that, parts; there is the working part, the family part, the interior demons part, the public part. They feel disconnected because they are often stressed rather than at peace with who I am and who God is. The Spirit wants to grow character in me and touch others through me: integrated wholeness rather than disjointed brokenness.

New Year is an arbitrary point for personal reflection and there are bigger things going on in the world than personal stuff. But what might you and God work on this year?

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