BUGB ministry review

One subject occupying recent Baptist threads on facebook, particularly a new BUGB Council group, is ministry; ministers both full and part time, accreditation, training and continuing development. Two issues stand out to me:  We need to reclaim an understanding of stipend. The discussions about the rise of bi-vocational ministry and the reducing number of full... Continue Reading →

Faith Check, a spiritual review

As a church here we don't usually make a big thing of Lent. However, this year I thought we would use the opportunity to encourage everyone to take some time to reflect on their spiritual journey, think about their relationship with God and consider how they might grow in the year ahead. To help this... Continue Reading →

Review: Rob Bell, Love wins

Never having read any of Rob Bell’s previous books I wasn’t sure what to expect; the vitriol poured in his direction suggested it wasn’t going to be good. My overall impression is that there isn’t anything in the book which is fundamentally objectionable or not said by someone else before; so why all the fuss?... Continue Reading →

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