Easypastor.com. Sundays are an event

Sunday worship is in essence a simple affair; a gathering of believers who meet in Jesus’ name. Of course, this desire to meet in Jesus’ name requires more than simply turning up, it suggests a meeting that embodies the character and intentions of Jesus; so when we meet we want to put Scripture at the... Continue Reading →

Vicky Beeching

Find of the month for me is been Vicky’s blog here. I hadn’t paid attention to it until Vicky came up in a twitter conversation with Carl Beech (who I know) but her blog touchs some important themes in the wider evangelical world. Some recent posts tie into the debate about the feminisation of worship... Continue Reading →

Liturgy in worship

The church here mostly uses contemporary songs in worship but I often include some bits of liturgy, such as creeds and confessions, in leading services. It seems to me that liturgy has several benefits. By using a limited range on a regular basis you help the congregation to become familiar with things which can positively... Continue Reading →

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