Vicky Beeching

Find of the month for me is been Vicky’s blog here. I hadn’t paid attention to it until Vicky came up in a twitter conversation with Carl Beech (who I know) but her blog touchs some important themes in the wider evangelical world.

Some recent posts tie into the debate about the feminisation of worship songs, but also of Vicky’s experience as a woman leading worship. These have been followed by posts on contemplative spirituality and being single. The audience is a cross section of evangelicals but (it seems to me) a bias towards those influenced by Vineyard, New Frontiers and the like.

Vicky comes across as someone who is thoughtful (having a degree in theology from Oxford), self aware and engaging. And how the church in the UK needs people who can critique what we do, engage theologically with the issues and then explain the good news in a winsome manner!

I’ve never met Vicky (though she is now on my list of people I would like to meet) but she is putting herself in a place of vulnerability and doing something really worthwhile. It is great to see someone with a 'worship profile' in the UK debating and interacting in a thoughtful manner.

How she finds time to do all the blog posts and twitter conversations is a mystery to me – but God bless you Vicky

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  1. I agree with you Neil and likewise want to take a moment to post here that I am glad she’s being who she is and we need her in the church.

    I’ve sung a couple of her songs for years but hadnt come across her in the blogosphere/twittersphere til now. I was involved in a bit of a twitter debate (though, I must admit, I bowed out early as it got a little tetchy between some of the participants and one who was, errrrr, ultra-Reformed) and it was really, really interesting and engaging. Having to submit set list for extra scrutiny because she was a female worship leader seemed unbelievable this century and made me quite sad.


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