As far as Christmas goes my attitude is best summed up as ‘bah
humbug’; not to the incarnation but all the other trappings. But, over the last
decade, I’ve come to appreciate Advent.


Advent expresses an important dimension of the
Christian life; a life of expectant waiting and a period of hopeful purpose. As
those who live after the end of the beginning but before the beginning of the
end we should have an attitude towards God that is faith filled and yet
hesitant, humble and yet assured. Too often we struggle to deal with ambiguity,
we desire certainty not provisionality and prefer the well trodden paths to the
mystery of faith. Advent reminds us God is both faithful and intentional, but
our perception is partial and incomplete. Nevertheless we can trust that the
one who came as the word made flesh will come again to judge the living and the
dead and while we await the fulfilment of his promises we do so in hope.

For those who are interested in advent thoughts see here were a number of people (including me) will be contributing to an advent blog.

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  1. I too became a ‘Bah Humbug’ believer and found Xmas services most unsatisfactory – and I was planning them! Perhaps Neil was influenced by me and my negativity? My slide into cynicism came years ago after the revelation that Jesus was probably born around Sept 23rd, an event which got overlaid onto a Pagan mid winter festival. The Pagan aspects certainly seem to be winning in the 21st century. Perhaps ‘the’ baby has gone out with the bathsalts?


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