Building a ministry team

We are searching for an Associate Minister, a more
stressful task than I anticipated. I’ve been through the Baptist settlement process
twice as a candidate and once as a church moderator but looking for someone to
join the team here brings out different questions. Some while ago I came across Bill Hybel’s 3 C’s for building
a staff team: Character, Competence, Chemistry. I’ve modified this to create my
own 5 C's grid: 

  • Character: anyone in ministry needs to have integrity and a
    desire to be Christ-like in attitude and behaviour. They also need a certain resilience
    to survive, enjoy hard work and have the emotional stability and energy to
    sustain this over the long haul.  
  • Competence: ministerial life requires a range of competences
    in order to function in a wide variety of situations. In a team situation they need gifts and skills in particular areas to fit the role.  
  • Chemistry: we need to get on well and trust each other. They
    need to bring a positive atmosphere to the team. Given the number of churches
    where team dynamics have gone wrong this is worth paying attention to.


  • Conviction: whoever joins the team needs to be on the same page
    in terms of vision. They need their own thoughts and ideas but their core
    convictions about church and the future trajectory of church life need to


  • Congregation: they need to feel called to serve this local
    church, the church needs to warm to them and for us, as the gathered people of
    God, to discern that this is right before God.

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