Grumpy old man

It is half term so the kids brought the High School’s latest newsletter home today. Usually we have a fun time checking and correcting the grammar. However, just for fun I have reproduced an extract from the front page written by the Head Teacher on the subject of the Government's proposed English Baccalaureate.

"……Whilst it is not clear about the importance or currency of the English Baccalaureate for employers or Higher Education, some schools may choose to change option box structures in the future to direct students down this path.

For 2011/12 we have elected to retain an extensive range of subject choices for our students and we hope that they will be able to develop their strengths and passions in those subjects they enjoy, which may not fit within this umbrella qualification. We are aware however, that students in Year 9, and their parents, have found it more difficult than usual to make option choices and we are sympathetic to concerns. Please feel free to contact the school if there are any issues you wish to discuss."

Like everyone else, I make mistakes, do things in a hurry and fail to spot errors in my own written work; as readers of this blog will have noticed. Yet whilst I acknowledge the sentences pass Microsoft’s grammar and spelling checks I find it disappointing that an institution, which ought to aim for academic excellence, produces written work of this standard.

Perhaps I set my sights too high but to quote my own school reports ‘could do better’.

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