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Up to now I've not needed a comments policy and didn't think I would ever need one. But I have recently removed a number of comments. Some of these have been anonymous and have made specific comments or accusations against either the BUGB or people who are involved in Union or Association life.

Posts which are anonymous or which make unsubstantiated claims about other people will be deleted. I'm happy for comments which disagree with me, often I write things to contribute to debate and have no desire to act as a branch of the 'thought police', but comments which use offensive language will be removed. If anyone thinks I have acted unfairly in removing their comment you are welcome to contact me but I retain the right to exercise editorial control.

I recognise that some wish to contribute to the debate about the future of the Baptist Union in England but feel unable to make their comments publicly and wish to protect their identity for good reason. However, given the nature of the conversation the Union needs to have I don't feel that I can allow this blog to be used as a platform for them.

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