Round up of BUGB Council

So it was not by final post on last weeks BUGB Council. Given the high level of internet interest I thought I would put a round up of other blogs and comments.

I'm aware of two other bloggers who were at Council and who have blogged their own reflections: Sam Griffiths and Andy Goodliff.

One main item of news was the demise of the Baptist Times which has been covered by Steve Holmes and ITBS Community Blog both of which lament its demise; in particular the loss of an independent Baptist voice.

Apart from the items to do with the future shape of Council and the future financing and structure of the Union, Council also discussed some material produced by the new mission forum. As I mentioned in a previous post we also listened to a presentation by the Baptist Union of Scotland. No doubt fuller details will appear in the Baptist TImes but from March onwards it looks likely that bloggers will be the primary source of information on Council debates and decisions; which I suspect will, by itself, produce some debate.

In addition to bloggers there are also several members of Council who tweet about the event. Before the next Council I will and get a round up of those on Twitter for people can follow them as well.

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