Baptist Assembly and social media

So Baptist Assembly (BUGB / BMS) has begun with an afternoon of seminars and opening evening Celebration during which Chris Duffett started his year as BUGB president.

I’ve blown hot and cold about the idea of a president over the years but one advantage is it helps us listen to people whose insights can get squeezed out by the denominational machine. It is a sort of permission giver to enable someone to speak into our corporate life and over recent years we have had some good women and men in the role. I’ve got to know Chris recently, though the Beyond400 website, but his opening address set the tone for much of what his presidency will bring. His relaxed way of reminding people of God’s big hearted grace, passion for encouraging the church to reach out to the world and unique turn of phrase (claiming that churches are like sex shops is not every preachers style).


This opening day of Assembly has also been a new experience for me as I’ve been following it from home, my participation has been by twitter and facebook Some of my own contributions were retweeted by others and I even know that people responded for prayer for gift of evangelism, suggesting that for some the evening will be of personal significance (Lord, make me an evangelist). I’m there in person for the rest of Assembly but it is great to see how involved you can be from a distance.

PS: Photo belongs to Baptist Assembly

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