Discipleship 1: How do we grow?

Reflecting on our church’s future direction and my part in it, I’ve spent some time recently thinking about discipleship; which has included at least one discussion in church. So whilst I’m on holiday over the next week I’ve set a couple of blog posts to appear which collate some of the thoughts so that others can contribute.

Disciple? The assumption I’ve worked on is that disciples are those who have made a commitment to be followers of Jesus. A proactive commitment involving discipline, learning and perhaps being a type of apprentice? It suggests embracing a lifestyle of worship, service seeking to glorify God.

How do we grow?
When we are new to the faith reading the scriptures, learning to pray and following the example of others are key.  As we mature in the faith Scripture and prayer remain foundational but the way we encounter both changes.

When I’ve asked people they have also suggested the following are helpful:
-    Christian friends who we can be open with; peer group support.
-    Encouragement, particularly the type that comes from different generations affirming each other.
-    The experience of persevering in and through pain or other difficulties
-    Experiences arising from sharing faith with others
-    Learning to question our faith whilst continuing to trust God.

I’d be interested to hear from others, what has helped you to grow as a disciple?

One thought on “Discipleship 1: How do we grow?

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  1. Great topic on which to begin dialogue! I am a 62 year old disciple of Jesus, having been “Christian” for the last 45 years. I only started to mature when I learned that the foundations of my faith (Heb 6:1-3) were the starting point and that it was actually God’s plan for me to grow to maturity (Eph 4:13-16) within the framework of the five-fold ministry giftings (Eph 4:11-12). I am no longer “Christian” but “in Christ”, walking with Him as a son (1 Jn 2:12-14; Gal 3:26-4:7) who has reached the age of maturity, who is walking in the blessings of the Father. May God truly bless you with wisdom and revelation as you cry out for discernment (Prov 2:1-12).


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