Foundations for mission

It risks stating the obvious but engagement in mission is part of discipleship. That’s to say that because we are followers of Jesus we will participate actively in his ministry; not least because he calls us to. Preaching from Luke 5, where Jesus calls the first disciples after their all night fishing trip had caught... Continue Reading →

Discipleship 4: Ministers help or hindrance?

If discipleship is so important how does this impact ministers and how might it affect how we exercise ministry? How can we ensure we develop disciple making communities?1. Live out your values. If whole life discipleship is important it should permeate your ministry. First, because all of us are disciples and ministers need to live... Continue Reading →

Discipleship 2: How the church can help

In recent years LICC, Willow Creek and others have done some helpful work on growing whole-life disciples. But as I’ve talked with people about how the church can help, the following have been mentioned.- Creating a culture of honest experimentation; allowing people to be ‘not sure’ as well as encouraging people to ‘give it a... Continue Reading →

Discipleship 3: Real life issues

As I’ve been thinking and talking with others about discipleship a number of subjects have come up as topics churches need to address. In fact I’ve started to create a list for a possible series of sermons. Which includes:Money and DebtMarriage and marriage breakdownSex:-    Single people, including younger people and older people-    Gay people-    Sexualisation... Continue Reading →

Discipleship 1: How do we grow?

Reflecting on our church’s future direction and my part in it, I’ve spent some time recently thinking about discipleship; which has included at least one discussion in church. So whilst I’m on holiday over the next week I’ve set a couple of blog posts to appear which collate some of the thoughts so that others... Continue Reading →

Hopeful mission

As previously mentioned I spent the early part of the week at a conference for leaders of ‘larger’ Baptist Churches. Credit for stirring most of the thoughts of mission and discipleship should really go to Neil Hudson , Project Director at LICC. Anyway having posted some thoughts about discipleship here are a few about mission.... Continue Reading →

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