Discipleship 2: How the church can help

In recent years LICC, Willow Creek and others have done some helpful work on growing whole-life disciples. But as I’ve talked with people about how the church can help, the following have been mentioned.

– Creating a culture of honest experimentation; allowing people to be ‘not sure’ as well as encouraging people to ‘give it a go’ and try something different.

– Providing opportunities to serve, doing things that are worthwhile and ‘kingdom orientated’, ideally including on the job training.

– Recognising we are all in different places and that one size doesn’t fit all; instead it creates a lowest common denominator.

– Encouraging people to spent time with those who are not Christians, help them to see that Christians and church are not boring but engaging.

– Creating opportunities for building relationships, with small groups and other friendship orientated activities.

– Mentoring – what if we created a peer mentoring programme for the local church?

But what about you? What would you focus on in order to help the church grow disciples? And if you wanted to create a mentoring group, how would you go about it?


PS: this was supposed to load several days ago (being post number 2 in a series of 3)  but I set the date wrong.

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