The adventures of Nugget -coming home

Hello everyone

I thought my adventure was over but coming back to England has been very odd and I’ve not felt at home.

IMG_20181221_145513I’ve got used to the idea that people queue for the things and that they take a long time. I nearly fell over when I went into the bank – no queue and no armed guard on the door.

In Nauta people worry about having enough food to eat and the shops are small. Here the supermarket has so much stuff there’s hardly room for people. And they even have Christmas presents for your pet! Now I like presents but ‘Pawsecco’ wine for your cat or dog?IMG_20181221_105617 (2)

Driving here is a bit odd after Peru. Everything takes longer because people here like waiting. They stop at roundabouts for the traffic going round (except for Neil who forgot one day). They don’t push round each other at junctions either; they wait for traffic lights to go green.

The weather here is sad. The rain is cold and even when the sun shines it is only being half hearted and it goes home very early. Oh well, I suppose I will get used to it.

There are some good things about being back. After Nauta, our house is like living in a really posh hotel (Lori said I must not treat it like a hotel though). The TV is in English which is much easier to understand, except for the news about Brexit, and everyone loves hearing about my adventures.

Merry Christmas everyone



Nugget x

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