Effective teaching in the jungle?

I read Jane Vella “Learning to listen, learning to teach” (San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass 2002) earlier in the summer in which she sets out 12 principles of effective learning. Vella’s book and the principles it sets out (which are part of a trajectory which includes ‘Training for Transformation’ and Paulo Freire) have played a key... Continue Reading →

The very worst missionaries?

Over the last week we’ve been reading “The Very Worst Missionary” a memoir by Jamie Wright who was a missionary in Costa Rica for 5 years. It’s a really readable book (warning: it uses some colourful language) and raises many questions about the whole way that global missions are done. There are three things that... Continue Reading →

It’s tougher than it looks

Smiling faces on social media, upbeat prayer news and encouraging reports of God’s provision…..Our first three months in Peru have been a positive experience but have also shown us that ‘missionary’ life is harder than it looks: Things take longer. I read a blog a couple of months ago entitled “today I made a copy... Continue Reading →

Normal life

Being woken by petrol driven power tools at dawn seems normal after a while. Whether that’s our neighbour cutting wood with a chainsaw or Pedro, the maintenance guy at the centre cutting the grass with a strimmer at 5:30am. Nauta has its own charms and is starting to feel like home. We’ve also started to... Continue Reading →

Learning: language and culture

We are in Arequipa for language school, but part of learning a language is growing to understand the culture. So we have used our free time to do a bit of sightseeing around the city. Arequipa grew into a city soon after the Spanish invaded and is now Peru’s second city. It combines history, culture,... Continue Reading →

Iquitos bound

Checked in online- hold luggage still overweight; yes, I’m off to Iquitos again. However, this time I’m bringing a small team from the church in Poynton. Whilst most of my time will be spend preaching and teaching they are going to be involved with children and youth work, basic hygiene and generally getting stuck into... Continue Reading →

Mission life and practice

Our spending on ice cream is enough to give everyone in the world a basic education. Just one of the random facts I’ve learned from reading Interserve’s Mission life and practice series.

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