What is normal?

Anticipating a quiet month was clearly a mistake. It’s true that we have been focused on just getting on with various aspects of the work, but things are never straightforward in the jungle. So what does a normal week look like? A significant part of Neil’s week is devoted to developing the training course. As... Continue Reading →

A normal day?

I (Lori) woke expecting a productive day today. I got up and even did some exercise before breakfast. But the local government in Nauta had other ideas and declared a 3 day strike. So instead of the fruitful day envisioned, it has looked more like this: Unlike last week’s strike when life continued as normal,... Continue Reading →

Asamblea Anual

Tripe soup for breakfast? Welcome to the Peruvian Baptist Assembly; a gathering of people from the 160 churches that make up the Convencíon Evangélica Bautista del Perú. For those readers used to English Baptist life the format is a mix of the UK Baptist Assembly and BUGB Council. We arrived Tuesday afternoon and left Friday... Continue Reading →

The Nauta Challenge

Over the last few months I’ve begun to understand the scale of the challenge to develop a new training course for pastors and church leaders. Every learner brings things with them. We all have experiences of life & learning; we all have motivations for learning and all of us are affected by the cultures we... Continue Reading →

It’s tougher than it looks

Smiling faces on social media, upbeat prayer news and encouraging reports of God’s provision…..Our first three months in Peru have been a positive experience but have also shown us that ‘missionary’ life is harder than it looks: Things take longer. I read a blog a couple of months ago entitled “today I made a copy... Continue Reading →

Normal life

Being woken by petrol driven power tools at dawn seems normal after a while. Whether that’s our neighbour cutting wood with a chainsaw or Pedro, the maintenance guy at the centre cutting the grass with a strimmer at 5:30am. Nauta has its own charms and is starting to feel like home. We’ve also started to... Continue Reading →

Interesting times

It’s been a fascinating few days (for Neil). When a pastor seeks accreditation by the Baptist Convention one of the final steps is an interview by the other pastors. So, one afternoon, I found myself on a 40 minute moto (motor bike taxi) from Iquitos to a small community where, along with a number of... Continue Reading →

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