Favourite worship songs

Recently I was asked what my favourite worship songs were and since it is already half term and I’ve not done much blogging recently I thought I’d blog a response - don't take it too seriously though. 'Favourite worship songs' is always difficult to answer because it depends on loads of factors (and worship is... Continue Reading →

Easypastor.com. Sundays are an event

Sunday worship is in essence a simple affair; a gathering of believers who meet in Jesus’ name. Of course, this desire to meet in Jesus’ name requires more than simply turning up, it suggests a meeting that embodies the character and intentions of Jesus; so when we meet we want to put Scripture at the... Continue Reading →

Vicky Beeching

Find of the month for me is been Vicky’s blog here. I hadn’t paid attention to it until Vicky came up in a twitter conversation with Carl Beech (who I know) but her blog touchs some important themes in the wider evangelical world. Some recent posts tie into the debate about the feminisation of worship... Continue Reading →

Easter Day

Wondering about an appropriate post for Easter day I'm reminded again of the words of Gregory Nazianzen. (Full text here) It is the Day of the Resurrection.    Yesterday I was crucified with Him; today I am glorified with Him; yesterday I was buried with Him; today I rise with Him. But let us offer to Him... Continue Reading →

Liturgy in worship

The church here mostly uses contemporary songs in worship but I often include some bits of liturgy, such as creeds and confessions, in leading services. It seems to me that liturgy has several benefits. By using a limited range on a regular basis you help the congregation to become familiar with things which can positively... Continue Reading →

Advent: O Antiphons

Over the last five years the Advent Antiphons have particularly resonated with me as we journey through advent. Originally the verses were used at daily prayer in the evenings of the last days of Advent, each antiphon is a name of Christ, one of the attributes mentioned in Scripture: Dec 17 O Sapientia – Wisdom.... Continue Reading →

Good worship?

I see that the Free Kirk of Scotland has decided to change its practice and allow some musical instruments in worship here and transcript of proceedings Interestingly the debate seems to have focused on Scriptural warrant for the actions rather than a theology of worship but it will be facinating to see what emerges in the months... Continue Reading →

Christian music trends

An interesting conversation with someone involved in the Christian music scene in the UK got me thinking. Changing patterns of CD and download sales affect commercial viability making it harder for anyone not producing the ubiquitous worship album to survive and necessitating new creative solutions. Which makes me wonder:Are the days of Christian bands which... Continue Reading →

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