Favourite worship songs

Recently I was asked what my favourite worship songs were and since it is already half term and I’ve not done much blogging recently I thought I’d blog a response – don’t take it too seriously though.

‘Favourite worship songs’ is always difficult to answer because it depends on loads of factors (and worship is more than singing songs) but here are some arranged in the style of a typical Sunday morning: positive opening, notices and other news / prayer, hymn/traditional song, sermon, response. Obviously real choices week by week depend on loads of factors like the band & worship leader; the service theme; Scriptures used as well as the need for some variety.

Positive opening – 3 of the following

In reality most Sundays the opening section also includes the need to be inclusive of different ages.

This is followed by a news / magazine section for sharing news and other things. After which there is a time of prayer.

I try to ensure that there is at least one song from the wider Christian tradition (at least 25 years old); some readers will think this hymn is the only correct response to my other choices.



And to finish

Some of these songs don’t transition well from one to the next, but then again you never get a single week in which you can do all your favourite songs!

What would your list include?

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