Advent: the collision of worlds

As we have moved though advent this year I’ve been struck by two texts, which don’t normally come to prominence at this time of year. The first is the start of Hebrews (well actually from 1:1 to 2:4). The writer with great rhetorical skill moves from considering how the coming of Jesus changed the way... Continue Reading →

Advent: the call of the wild

A voice cries out in the wilderness calling people to turn to relationship with God. In preparation for the joyful tidings that will introduce a new situation for the world, God’s creative act fulfilling promises of salvation. John the Baptist is the archetypal man of the wilderness, the nomad who follows God in the desert.... Continue Reading →

Hopeful living

My contribution to the hopeful imagination blog is now posted here. If you want to listen to the sermon which I mention it is available for download here, (click on the link on the right side of church home page). Thinking about the relationship between how we use money and who we are I also came... Continue Reading →

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