Round up of BUGB Council

So it was not by final post on last weeks BUGB Council. Given the high level of internet interest I thought I would put a round up of other blogs and comments. I'm aware of two other bloggers who were at Council and who have blogged their own reflections: Sam Griffiths and Andy Goodliff. One... Continue Reading →

2012 The making of a modern denomination

BUGB Council meets again next week; the curious combination institutional process, denominational politics and corporate perspicacity. One item on the agenda is finance and its implications for the future structure of the Union. I’ve lost count of the number of hours I’ve sat in meetings when we have talked about this over the last couple... Continue Reading →

BUGB Council

As Council works through its business two questions stand behind much of what we do. 1. Snog, Marry, Avoid? Asks one BBC TV series; what are the limits of diversity and inclusivity in how we handle people who disagree with us is less snappy Baptist version.  As Baptists we believe in the Lordship of Christ... Continue Reading →

BUGB Council

Off to BUGB Council again tomorrow, so expect a few blog comments over the next three days from me and other baptist bloggers. At first reading the agenda looks routine with few surprises but when you dig a bit deeper it may not be as straightforward as expected. Monday’s highlight maybe the Faith and Unity... Continue Reading →

Council is over (nearly)

As Council comes to an end it strikes me that we are at our best when Council is able to discuss issues together; the progress made in the ministerial list and our understanding of ministry is a good example of this. The new process will be much more coherent theologically and straightforward organisationally. Council is... Continue Reading →

BU Council meets again

As BUGB Council convenes again it strikes me that one question lurks behind many of the items on the agenda. Who leads the Union? Or more correctly where does leadership in the Union come from? Do we need to split the governance and management of the BUGB charity from the leadership of the wider Union?... Continue Reading →

BU Council

As Council moves towards a close it has been an odd few days. In many ways it has been a good council; well organised, gracious and getting through the agenda on time. However, two of the items of business have shown why denominational life can be slow going.   First, the debate about women in... Continue Reading →

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