BUGB Council

Off to BUGB Council again tomorrow, so expect a few blog comments over the next three days from me and other baptist bloggers. At first reading the agenda looks routine with few surprises but when you dig a bit deeper it may not be as straightforward as expected.

Monday’s highlight maybe the Faith and Unity report, but some of the resolutions touch on issues of human sexuality, which usually gets Council going. (Hint to Council: focus on issues and on process whilst being gracious).

Tuesday includes discussions about the pension scheme, which is about as exciting as drying paint until you remember that our ability to fund pensions is the biggest financial question facing us and we have to find a way of paying for pensions without diverting attention away from mission and ministry. Tuesday also includes debates about how the Mission department works and how we encourage young missionary disciples, which are all worthwhile but we can too easily get caught up doing stuff which has no impact on mission in the local church. (Hint to Council: our role is to get policy and governance right then release people to get on with it).

Wednesday usually ends up with things that don’t get completed on time during the rest of Council but the agenda includes Accounts and discussion of how Council is organised (turkeys & Christmas anyone?).

Being opinionated, I’m sure I will have plenty to say over the next few days.  I was also thinking about using twitter for those who would like to follow proceedings #bugb. So if you are interested let me know and I’ll try to encourage others to tweet as well. Otherwise you will have to wait for the Baptist Times!

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