Iquitos Loreto floods

I don’t plan to keep a running commentary on the flooding in Iquitos and Loreto yet despite the scale of the difficulties virtually no English Language news networks are reporting it. But the realisation that publicity can make a positive differences outweighs any doubts I have over blogging other people’s misery. The picture above may... Continue Reading →

Iquitos floods 2

I’ve been looking for the latest bits of news and while I can’t vouch for the accuracy I’ve learnt the following:Sourced from 1. River levels look as if they may keep rising till mid May and then take months to recede.2. About 200,000 people are affected by flooding. Not all have been displaced, many... Continue Reading →

Iquitos flooding

It’s now four weeks since I was in Iquitos, during which time the flooding has got worse. The Red Cross now estimate that in the region 200, 000 people have been affected, 43,000 homes flooded; a number that is still rising as the water levels increase meaning that perhaps 1 in 3 people are flooded... Continue Reading →

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