Iquitos Loreto floods

I don’t plan to keep a running commentary on the flooding in Iquitos and Loreto yet despite the scale of the difficulties virtually no English Language news networks are reporting it. But the realisation that publicity can make a positive differences outweighs any doubts I have over blogging other people’s misery.

The picture above may look inviting, but I have been there in the dry and it is difficult to comprehend how high the water level has risen in order to flood this.

The good news is that water levels, which are the highest since 1970’s appear to have stopped rising. Yet although the levels will slowly recede the current levels mean that large areas of populated land are flooded and likely to remain so for some weeks or months. Unsurprisingly this means that incidents of disease will continue to increase. Local media reports (eg) give a mixed picture; today carrying claims that the situation is under control and epidemics will be prevented whilst at the same time reporting that rats are becoming a problem in parts of the city where electricity supplies have been cut!

What is also becoming clear is the effect this is having not just in the cities of Iquitos and Nauta but on the numerous smaller river communities.


Yet in spite of this people try to get on with normal life, selling goods in the markets and doing what they can.

I’ve previously posted links to Shelterbox and Esperanza who are working to provide shelter, food and other needed supplies; both websites have giving details.  BMS world mission have also made a grant to help support the work being done through some of the local Baptist Churches. (Report and giving details here). Let's stand with them in partnership, practical help and prayer.


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