Nauta training week

I’ve just returned from my latest trip to Peru: teaching at the BMS supported training centre in Nauta. As usual it was a great time. The main aim of the first week was teaching at one of the regular training weeks. The idea is that the centre provides basic training for pastors and church leaders... Continue Reading →

Hi from iquitos

I’m currently back in Iquitos, the heart of the Peruvian Amazon jungle, where I’ve been teaching and encouraging church leaders (well trying to anyway). But time here always prompts me to think of home and the differences between the church in the UK and here. Whilst there are many things people lack here, decent medical... Continue Reading →

Mission possibilities: leadership training

Over the last couple of years I’ve made a several visits to Iquitos and been involved in a number of training events. My input has usually aimed at giving an overview of the Bible and Christian Doctrine; helping people to read and interpret the Bible and use it in preaching and pastoral leadership. I don’t... Continue Reading →

Mission musings

The weeks before Easter saw me back in Iquitos, Peru. As usual the bulk of my time was spent teaching in Iquitos and at a training centre for church leaders in Nauta (100kms from Iquitos). Iquitos has an impact on me each time I go, not least because it poses all sorts of questions to... Continue Reading →

Lessons for 2013

Reflecting on the year past I’ve been struck by the impact a couple of experiences had on me. 1. Middleburg Baptist Church / Baptisten Gemeente de Fontein te Middelburg website. It’s not often I get to be an anonymous visitor to another church., but spending our summer holiday in the Netherlands provided the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Iquitos Loreto floods

I don’t plan to keep a running commentary on the flooding in Iquitos and Loreto yet despite the scale of the difficulties virtually no English Language news networks are reporting it. But the realisation that publicity can make a positive differences outweighs any doubts I have over blogging other people’s misery. The picture above may... Continue Reading →

Iquitos floods 2

I’ve been looking for the latest bits of news and while I can’t vouch for the accuracy I’ve learnt the following:Sourced from 1. River levels look as if they may keep rising till mid May and then take months to recede.2. About 200,000 people are affected by flooding. Not all have been displaced, many... Continue Reading →

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