Reflections on Study Leave 1

I’ve been on study leave for a few weeks now and am making
progress, albeit more slowly than I hoped, but enough to make me envious of
anyone who gets to do this full time.


One of the things I find hard to adjust to is the lack of adrenalin.
Most of normal working life is punctuated by doing meetings, preaching and the
like which take emotional energy and so on which can be further stressed by the
need to beat the deadline. Many weeks I cram more into the week by just working
faster and seeking to up the tempo. But studying isn’t like this requiring a
more methodical brick by brick approach and I’ve yet to work out how do work
faster rather than longer.


It is premature to say there is a lesson in here for my
normal ministry but perhaps it might be possible to build a better life
balance, after all the church doesn’t seem to have missed me yet!

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