Rob Bell: Love Wins

As mentioned in an earlier post Rob Bell's book is causing quite a stir. My Amazon order hasn't arrived yet and I will blog some thoughts when I've read the book (but not before). However, I note that some UK based comments are starting to emerge.

This month's Christianity magazine has a brief book review and other comments which ensure that it will become known in popular evangelical circles, spilling into events like the Spring Harvest Bible week. Newspapers like the Baptist Times have also carried related comments. Robin Parry whose article appears in the Baptist Times has also blogged about it, from his pro universalist perspective (here)

More significant for Christians who want to engage brain before engaging mouth, my friend Steve Holmes has started to blog his thoughts: here. As usual Steve is irenic, penetrating and perceptive; marrying his first rate knowledge of the Christian tradition, with his amazing theological mind and his evangelical convictions.

HT though to Sean for the prescience to see this coming over three years ago!

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