BUGB Council and social media

I had deliberately refrained from blogging about Council's concerns over the use of social media but having mentioned it on twitter I seem to have started some debate. So for those who want to know: 1. Concern has been expressed by people using social media whilst at Council. The original Council documentation described this as... Continue Reading →

Thank you BUGB

I smiled at an email today saying this blog had the top clicked story by staff at Baptist House this year. Thank you to those who visit here and interact with what I write. But I also want to use this as an opportunity to say thank you to the staff who work for the... Continue Reading →

Round up of BUGB Council

So it was not by final post on last weeks BUGB Council. Given the high level of internet interest I thought I would put a round up of other blogs and comments. I'm aware of two other bloggers who were at Council and who have blogged their own reflections: Sam Griffiths and Andy Goodliff. One... Continue Reading →

Baptist bloggers banquet?

The Catholic Church is holding a special meeting between bloggers and the Pontifical Councils for Culture and Social Communications in Rome on 2nd May. It appears the Catholic Church is anxious to engage with new media practitioners, to listen to the experiences of those involved and gain a greater understanding of the blogging community. A... Continue Reading →

BUGB Council

Off to BUGB Council again tomorrow, so expect a few blog comments over the next three days from me and other baptist bloggers. At first reading the agenda looks routine with few surprises but when you dig a bit deeper it may not be as straightforward as expected. Monday’s highlight maybe the Faith and Unity... Continue Reading →

Rob Bell: Love Wins

As mentioned in an earlier post Rob Bell's book is causing quite a stir. My Amazon order hasn't arrived yet and I will blog some thoughts when I've read the book (but not before). However, I note that some UK based comments are starting to emerge. This month's Christianity magazine has a brief book review... Continue Reading →

Women in leadership

There is a letter in the Baptist Times this week signed by myself, Simon Woodman, Andy Goodliff and Craig Gardiner. For those who don’t read the BT there has been some correspondence following BUGB Council’s recent discussion about women in leadership.   As can be seen I’m wholly committed to women in ministry believing that this... Continue Reading →

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