Scotland’s impact on BUGB Council

Probably my last blog on BUGB Council till March but I was really impressed by the Baptist Union of Scotland’s presentation on Tuesday. The BUS have been on a journey of restructuring and they have experiences to share about keeping the focus on what matters, handling change and saving money in the process.

It seems to me that the BUS have asked some essential questions:

Can an established institution recover a youthful vibrancy and a sense of fresh movement?

Can an independent people learn the art of interdependency?

Can we as a union of churches learn to be permission giving for future creativity and diversity?

Can we take the steps to change and recover the vibrancy of adventure and surprise that is living ‘under Christ’s rule’?

This has led them to a vision that is intentionally relational, unashamedly missional and creatively rooted.

What particularly struck me was the way in which they have set a trajectory that encourages attention to their roots theologically and historically but in an imaginative way, promoting a focus on living it out in mission and church.  I don’t know the context of BUS so it is unfair to critique but I would want to be more explicit in identifying how ministry fits into relationships (though it clearly does because ordained ministry is essentially about relationships).

Alan Donaldson (General Director) and Jaqueline Primrose (Convenor) gave a great and insightful presentation that almost made me what to join the BUS! Those of us who live south of the border though have much to learn from our Scottish sisters and brothers.

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