New Zealand trip

I’ve just returned from an amazing couple of weeks in New Zealand; most of the time being spent in Christchurch; the largest (only) city on the South Island. I went as part of a sabbatical to see what Baptist Church life looks like in New Zealand; but also because we have built a link with... Continue Reading →

Hi from iquitos

I’m currently back in Iquitos, the heart of the Peruvian Amazon jungle, where I’ve been teaching and encouraging church leaders (well trying to anyway). But time here always prompts me to think of home and the differences between the church in the UK and here. Whilst there are many things people lack here, decent medical... Continue Reading →

New Baptist General Secretary

Today is the first day for the BUGB’s new General Secretary Lynn Green. Lynn is someone of great ability and I’m confident she will make a good impression in an often impossible role. Her experience of Union life, being a Regional Minister, as Senior Minister of Wokingham Baptist church and before that working for the... Continue Reading →

BUGB the dreamliner denomination?

I’ve always been fascinated by aviation so have been interested in the progress of Boeing’s new 787 dreamliner aircraft. Maybe it has lessons for us:  1. It is designed to be cheaper to run. Boeing recognised that as costs rise they needed to design an aircraft which would be 20% cheaper to run than existing... Continue Reading →

Saving Baptists

Starting today, Incarnate Network are running a series of provocative posts / discussions looking at some key issues for baptist denominational life through five key questions. "Each week the question asked will explore a dimension of our Baptist life. What does our denomination need saving from? How can our associations, churches and union adapt for the... Continue Reading →

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