BUGB / BMS Baptist Assembly 2015

Back in the UK I attended the annual BUGB/BMS Baptist Assembly on Saturday. This year it was a one day event, which worked better than I thought it might. Obviously reducing the events length means that there are lots of things there isn’t space for, such as opportunities for other Baptist Organisations, plenary sessions with... Continue Reading →

Lead a movement; what’s that mean?

Earlier this month I blogged that one of my New Year dreams was to lead a movement not an organisation. Recently I’ve heard plenty of talk about the need for a ‘Baptist movement’ which poses the question what do I/we mean by movement, particularly when used in distinction to organisation or institution? A movement is... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year – dreams for 2014

As thoughts turn back to work after the Christmas  / New Year break with a mixture of relief and anticipation I wonder what the year might hold? I don’t do resolutions which are a guilt inducing way of setting myself up to fail, but my three personal dreams for the year ahead are: 1. Speak... Continue Reading →

Easypastor.com. It takes a team

If I’ve learned nothing else from my years in ministry it is that I need a team. Who you need around you varies depending on your own gifts /  skills but I need someone (or people) -         Worship leader: someone with musicality who can lead the band, lead the congregation in song, choose songs and... Continue Reading →

Mission possibilities: leadership training

Over the last couple of years I’ve made a several visits to Iquitos and been involved in a number of training events. My input has usually aimed at giving an overview of the Bible and Christian Doctrine; helping people to read and interpret the Bible and use it in preaching and pastoral leadership. I don’t... Continue Reading →

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