Some miscellaneous thoughts on leadership

Over the last month I’ve jotted down a few random thoughts about leadership as I've been musing on what God is calling me to do.

1. Listen and learn as well as lead. We’ve never arrived and never have a monopoly on truth and clear perspective, good leaders need others and pay attention to them.

2. The ability to release and encourage the team is the hallmark of a good leader. I wrote this down whilst watching David Kerrigan at the Baptist Assembly. Rather than take centre stage David consistently releases other team members to do their bit.

3. Leaders need wisdom not just a loud mouth. There is no point being a brilliant communicator if what you say is rubbish. Wisdom from understanding things deeply, from clarity of thought about situations and their potential and from consistent determination to keep God at the centre (fear of the Lord is the start of wisdom…).

4. Godly leaders combine an awareness of what God might be saying with the humility to acknowledge they might be wrong. It is this vulnerability that ensures they lead with people not lord it over people.

5. Leadership says to people ‘this is the way’ in a way that others follow, it is not just facilitating a conversation about the way to go.

6. Good leaders are people of influence not simply people with a role or job.

7. Good leaders are focused and intentional about a few
specific things which they persist at.


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