BUGB Council and social media

I had deliberately refrained from blogging about Council's concerns over the use of social media but having mentioned it on twitter I seem to have started some debate.

So for those who want to know:

1. Concern has been expressed by people using social media whilst at Council. The original Council documentation described this as 'the need to respect the confidentiality of Council proceedings' noting in particular 'the enormous distress to people who were not present'.

2. This has now been clarified; reminding people of the need to communicate sensitively. Asking people not to 'live blog' sessions but to engage in Council debates. In addition, where an issue is discussed over several days, not to post 'how it is going' comments until a debate has concluded.

Clearly this doesn't answer all the questions, indeed it raises others. But for those of you worried that we were about to be forced into a vow of silence….. we are still here.


3 thoughts on “BUGB Council and social media

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  1. Thanks Neil,
    I have to confess to being a bit unimpressed, as a recent signer-up to Facebook, how much FB commenting was going on mid session… no-one can fully concentrate on what is happening and be on FB/Twitter/Blog simultaneously. For the record, it was my day off, and I was on FB in my own time!

    Don’t mean to be killjoy, but I think the two comments above ought to be self-evident and not need to be said. Surely we wouldn’t be happy if our church people were tweeting/texting/FB-ing during Deacons or Church Meetings…?

    As your post demonstrates, it is perfectly possible to blog/tweet/FB/whatever from council in a way that coheres with both statements.

    Back to my grumpy old woman chair!


  2. Catriona: As far as bloggers were concerned I’m not aware of anyone blogging during sessions (possibly because many of the bloggers have a theological interest in ‘gathered church’ and ‘seeking the mind of christ’.) Causing distress is a bit harder because, whilst you may mean no harm, blogs by their nature are short, sometimes lack nuance, and can be miss read.

    Charles: I agree; one of the benefits of social media is the way it gives a plurality of views not just an official line


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